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Rain Crew has been going through a little restructure. Meet Rain Crew's new board of directors:

CLINT SINCLAIR - Executive Director

Rain Crew embodies my aims of using art as a vehicle for social change and having a good time in everything we do. As a family and a team, we’re stronger together. It is my vision to help our communities to unlock and realise their potential to create a more exciting, innovative and equitable world by bringing people together through creativity. As Executive Director I will implement structure and strategy into our team so we can have a measurable lasting impact on our community, our industry and wider global society. I’m here to make sure we get shit done.

MAREN ELLERMANN - Creative Director [Production & Development]

Though we started as a group of friends who liked to do handstands, we have grown into leaders and influencers who use art to create social change. As Creative Director I will build and grow our network, partnerships, services, branding, reach and audience through designing, developing and delivering inclusive, innovative, exciting events and projects. It is my goal to make sure Rain Crew has a seat at every single table, authentically representing our community and industry. While we make the world a little more equal and inclusive, let’s keep things fun and adventurous, staying true to the craziness that is Rain Crew.

WARREN GORDON POWELL - Artistic Director [Theatre & Entertainment]

My crew, my friends, my family. It is more than an honour to be trusted as Artistic Director of Rain Crew. In this position I want to define, display and home in on our unapologetically unorthodox style of movement and translate our infectious raw energy to battles, theatre and the big screen. Our team is incredibly diverse in every sense of the word and it is that individuality that makes us a force to be reckoned with. I want us to support the culture and community that we represent while striving for artistic excellence.

HAKIM SABER - Director of Education

My aspirations as Rain Crew’s Director of Education is to promote personal growth, unity, learning, freedom, equality and fun through classes, workshops and other projects. Inspiring and developing people locally, nationally and internationally through dance. Rain Crew is not only a company I love working for, but also a family who pursue mutual goals, making the work we do valuable, meaningful and rewarding. By cultivating knowledge and understanding of our industry and developing young artists I want to help create the next generation of influencers, artists and community leaders.

HELEN MAULE - Director of Events & Outreach

I am very proud of what Rain Crew represents and what we have achieved so far. Stepping into the role of Director of Events and Outreach is an honour I don’t take for granted. It is my hope to strengthen the existing relationships Rain have built within the community and create lasting new ones by delivering events and projects that benefit and connect the artists and our audience. I will provide platform to support and celebrate the incredible talent the world has to offer and create opportunities to tell important stories that stay true to its protagonists.

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