Meet the Crew

What is Rain Crew?

Rain Crew is a family, a dance crew and arts organisation. As a company, we primarily focus on community lead projects aimed at bringing people together through music, culture and dance. We deliver classes, workshops, performances, events, projects and competitions as well as fundraising drives for international disasters. With over 10 years of teaching experience our dancers specialise in Breaking, Hip-hop, House and Krump, as well as representing competitively at both a national and International level.

We are a battle crew deeply connected with the current scene and the roots of Hiphop culture. However, we’re not merely consumers of Hiphop but producers of content such as events and theatrical performances striving for artistic excellence. Furthermore, our focus is on nurturing and developing talent to use Hiphop as a vehicle for social change.  Rain Crew acts as mentors and a support network for the dance scene, we bridge the gap between community organisations and the disenfranchised and our mixed styles crew challenges the norm of Hiphop as an artform.

We are creative and driven artists and producers, with a proven track record of designing, developing and delivering innovative and high-quality dance and arts projects. We are dedicated to developing strong leaders, creating opportunities and making the arts accessible to all.

What has Rain Crew done?

Globally we have worked with organisations such as Maxi Nutrition, ITV, Puma, Addidas, ASOS, Argos, Orange, EE, RedBull, Relentless, Brit Awards, Nike, The Olympics, Breaking Convention & the Oliver award winning show ‘The Pied Piper as well as performing on many international stages including Paradiso, Excel and London 02 Arena. We hold regular classes and events for dancers of all ages as our way of sharing our knowledge and elevating the art-form and our community internationally.  In addition to supporting our own community, we continually work with teams outside the UK to support those in need including raising funds for victims of disaster in Syria, Palestine, and The Philippines. Our reputation is that of a dance group and family that stands for something more.

We believe dance has the power to shift social consciousness. We pro-actively leverage our platform to champion women in Hiphop, fight against racial injustice in the arts industry, implement guidelines and structures to tackle harassment and misconduct in dance and advocate for making the arts accessible and inclusive. 


More information on our work can be found here.

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