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As a community organisation with years of experience, Rain Crew is uniquely placed to understand the problems faced by our community and have worked to develop solutions relevant to the most vulnerable. We believe in co-design and co-production of solutions by the community for the community in partnership with organisations aligned to values of bringing people together for social change through music and dance. Our mission is to create pathways for young people and adults to practice their art in safety, providing a positive outlet, enhancing opportunities to grow artistic development and building self-esteem.

Our experience has taught us:

  • Community cohesion requires actively seeking to bring people together in a safe environment through common interests

  • The importance of being positive role-models and influences to young people

  • One single act is not enough but through ongoing initiatives we believe that we can have a qualitative impact on our community

  • The importance of showcasing pathways to success within Hiphop and dance


We authentically represent Hiphop and dance culture and diverse and disconnected communities. We are accessible role models who create safe and inclusive spaces for self-determination, exploration and experimentation and help build tomorrow’s leaders and innovators today. 


We are always keen to partner with like minded organisations, please email with any questions or queries.




We cultivate visibility for women by putting them in positions of power and lever our platform to create opportunities to elevate their position. By creating a framework for driving diversity as an outcome of inclusion we noticed a growth in discussions about gender equality. We have since experienced a noticeable shift in the amount of female representation on all levels at events.

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