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Have you been thinking about organising an event, class or project in the London borough of Newham but don’t know where to begin? Over the years, Rain Crew has made use of Newham council grants and funding tools to turn ideas into reality with local financial support.  Here is a list of Newham grants and a few tips based on our experience. Newham Funding and Grants

Let’s Get the Party Started A community event is the perfect way to bring the whole community together and Newham could support you with funding through the Let’s Get the Party Started community event grants. This was a great tool for delivering Rain Seasonal Jams at Centre Stage Studio. Amount: £250 Deadline: Rolling deadline – apply at least 6 weeks before event Link:

Go For It grants If you are passionate about an activity, project or interest that benefits Newham residents and gets them involved in regular activities, you can apply for a Go For It grant to get your idea up and running in your local community. This allowed Rain Crew to start a series of classes and workshops in Forest Gate Youth centre. Amount: £2000 Deadline: Rolling deadline – apply at least 6 weeks before project Link:

The Lyle’s Local Fund Supporting projects that help to create local communities in Newham that are safe, prosperous and healthy. Amount: £2500 Deadline: See Link Link:

Newham council also offers a great list of further grants, tools and resources through their grants page which you can find here.

A Word of Advice:

  1. Contact the funders – Most funders prefer that you make contact before sending in your application. This gives them the opportunity to explain what types of projects are likely to be funded and how you can reshape both your project and your application.

  2. Prioritise engagement – A major priority for funders is reaching the widest possible audience with your project. This includes putting together a clear marketing and promotion plan beyond just leaflets and posters. Try to Identify who your audience is, where they are and how you’re going to reach them.

  3. Make good use of partners – Partnerships are a great resource for minimising costs, promoting your project and seeking advice for success. Including a good list of partners with how they will support your project can strengthen your application as well as developing lasting relationships to elevate your practice.  Centre Stage Studio has been a great partner for Rain Crew so please feel free to contact us for advice on partnering with the studio or with Rain Crew.

  4. Apply Now! – If you wait, you won’t apply, especially when grants have rolling deadlines. Set a date to begin your event/project and start telling everyone what you plan to do so they can help to hold you accountable and potentially step in as partners.

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